Love Letter #129: Lets Talk About GOD

I know…this is a potentially loaded topic, or you might have an aversion to the word God. I understand. Perhaps if I refer to It as Love, that may feel better to you. There are lots of names for It. Universal Intelligence. Source. Spirit. Creative Intelligence. Energy. It’s all the same thing to me. 

I’ve had my own issues with the word until I reclaimed it in my own way. I grew up with a God of retribution, so there’s that. I have since ascertained my own understanding of God as Love and only love. Retribution and condemnation are human constructs stemming from a sense of separation. 

Separation is an illusion. Everything is connected and ALL life breathes together. 

As I’ve pursued this path of personal and spiritual growth, I’ve come to recognize God as the Life Force principle or Love that is everything. It’s not just in everything. It IS everything. Everything in this universe is made of the same stuff.

Know then, that when I invite you into my life, my community, my work, I do so knowing that when I look at you, I see the face of God. I see unlimited potential and a world of infinite possibilities. I see a Sacred Human, doing their best and wanting to become more fully expressed as their Divine Self. 

So, today, I invite you to look in the mirror and see what I see – the face of God, the face of Love, as you. 

With love,

Join a community of Wildly Imperfect Humans living and loving divinely!

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