Love Letter #128: Nerdy Girl, Flat Tire & Meditation

I’m a nerdy girl 🤓. I love to read, learn, and then practice what I learn to see how that shit works in my life. Because personal and spiritual transformation is just that – personal. Not everything works for everyone. The more I learn, the more tools I have in my toolbox to support my clients. 

Meditation is a powerful tool and something I’ve studied and practiced for years. I’m a certified meditation facilitator with Centers for Spiritual Living – and I’ve experienced the benefits of meditation firsthand.  

Yesterday, I led a short ‘metta’ meditation, AKA loving-kindness meditation, in my Facebook community – Sacred Humans. Loving-kindness meditation is a self-care practice that can soften one’s relationship with oneself, reduce stress, and make us more accepting of ourselves and others.

Meditation might seem hokey to some, and many think they can’t do it, but as someone who meditates daily and teaches meditation, I assure you this stuff works and you can do it too.

I was practicing meditation before I realized it was meditation. 

When my three children were young and I was a busy mom, I would bring them into a room with me and bring toys for them. I’d put them on the floor to play, then close my eyes for fifteen minutes or so. I was never asleep. I could hear the children and respond if needed, and I was off in a space of inner peace. When I took a meditation class years later, I realized I was already doing it in my own way.

The beauty of meditation is it isn’t one size fits. There is a way for everyone if you truly want to practice.

So, yesterday after a loving kindness meditation, I was leaving a morning meeting to discover I had a flat tire. Not pleasant, and yet, there it was. Flat as a pancake…but only on the bottom 😂! I checked the trunk for a spare. Nothing. I check under the back of the car – and notice where the spare should be – empty.

Grateful for road service, I put in a call. The technician arrived in about ten minutes. While waiting, I let two friends know where I was in case I needed help. 

Now, my intention was for the tire to be fixed here rather than being towed. 

So, I greeted the driver and asked him if it was possible to fix it here. He tells me he’s not allowed to do that. Okay, no problem. We chat for a minute or two when he decides to put air in the tire and looks at it before putting the car on the flatbed. He can hear the air hissing out and finds a nail in the bottom. Then, he tells me it’s pluggable and fixes my tire…on the spot!!

He pulled out a nail and handed it to me. I laughed and told him, “Thanks. It’s just what I always wanted.” He appreciated that I was playing along.

Now…this could have gone very differently.

I could have been irritated that my tire was flat.

I could have been pissed at the used car dealer for not including the spare.

I could have blamed myself for never checking to see if there was a spare.

I could have been irritated with the service tech because he seemed only to want to tell me what he couldn’t do for me…at first.

Instead, I accepted everything; the flat, the missing spare, the pleasant yet initially unhelpful technician. I knew this was all working out beautifully. 

Who knows how this would have gone had I been upset, angry, or frustrated? But it went exactly as it did, and I know that my state of being, standing in the presence of Kindness, made all the difference.

I’ll still need to take the next step and get myself a spare. All in good time. 

What did you do yesterday?

With love,

I teach meditation in my community and my transformative coaching work and I can help you create a supportive meditation practice in your life. Let’s talk!

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