Love Letter #127: Your Mind & State of Being

Today, I started talking about  Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard,  in the Sacred Humans community. One of the concepts Goddard writes about is the “state of being”, the state of your being. Goddard writes,  “Only you can make a state (of being) come alive.” 

A state of being is the quality of your present experience. For example, being happy isn’t something you become or achieve, it is a state of being. Only you can make happiness come alive within yourself. No one else can do that. Others can share in your happiness but they cannot create the state for you. We generate our state of being through our thoughts. 

Goddard continues, “You must enter a state and animate it in order for it to outpicture itself in your world.” In other words, if you want to experience happiness, you must choose that state of being. 

You and I continually choose our experiences through our thoughts, and what we give our time, attention, and energy to. We talked about this in The 7-Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox. If we want our life to be different we must think differently and generate a new state of being. 

We are, in our humanness, inclined to blame situations or people for our state of being; for how we feel. But the truth is, we are generating that state within ourselves, and when we do it will be out pictured in our lives. 

Personal responsibility however is something we can all grow into. 

Feeling is an important part of generating this new state of being because our feelings inform us of where our thoughts are. We can know if your thoughts align with your intentions by how we feel. 

Mystics have been telling us this for centuries, and there’s science to back it up. But, Goddard suggests we experiment with it ourselves. Here’s a simple experiment you can try today. 

Do you watch the news? How do you feel when you do? Frustrated? Angry? Helpless? These are states of being that are induced by the thoughts you have about what you are consuming. 

Do you walk in nature? How does that feel? Serene? Connected? Alive? All states of being you generate by what you think of this experience. 

I’m not suggesting either of these things is good or bad. Maybe the news makes you feel connected and being in nature frustrates you. No judgment. It’s all a choice and we are always choosing. 

Are you with me?

Understanding our feelings is key to creating more of what we desire. It’s an art. It’s a science. And it’s a continual practice in managing our minds. 

Join the community and the conversation. Sacred Humans – wildly imperfect humans, living and loving divinely. 

With Love, 

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