Love Letter #121: Being Choosey is Important

I was reading a marketing email from another coach today about experiencing Q2 burnout in business. He spoke of this as though it’s a real thing. It may be real to him, but it isn’t to me. This got me thinking about being so damn choosey that I don’t follow blindly or settle for anything less than what feels soul-deep delicious in my life. 

In my Facebook Community, I’ve been talking about The 7-Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox, and how to use it. It’s the only kind of diet I’d ever recommend to anyone and it’s all about the practice of being choosey. 

You’ve probably been told not to be so choosey at one time or another. Or that beggars can’t be choosey. I don’t subscribe to any of this anymore. It took some unlearning, but now I think being choosy is a quality that many of us, myself included, could do with more of. 

Settling for less than you desire in life is not a virtue. It’s a denial of the truth of your very existence. You are here by design, on purpose, to create and live a joyful life. 

Being choosy is being selfish and selfishness gets a bad rap.

We are born selfish…we are born with the perspective of self. We are here to advocate for ourselves, and as Abraham Hicks suggests, “to pretend otherwise causes you to lose your connection with who you really are”. Ouch! 

We can only see and experience this world from the perspective of our self. Being choosey doesn’t make us wrong, or mean we think we’re better than anyone else. It makes us kind to ourselves, and the kinder we are to the self, the kinder we are to others. 

  • Being choosey is honoring our Divinity
  • Being choosey means saying no to what doesn’t feel aligned with the soul
  • Being choosey means self-care is primary
  • Being choosey means being selective about the thoughts we entertain, the people we spend time with, and where we place our energy and spend our time
  • Being choosey means paying attention to our mental diet – the books we read, the media we watch, what we listen to

Regardless of what anyone else thinks. Including your mother!

Being choosey isn’t wrong or bad…it means you are honoring the sacred human that you are here to be. Your needs, preferences, ideas, opinions, and feelings matter. Being choosy means you understand and value yourself and your life, and in doing so you see the value in everyone else. 

Being choosey may set you apart from the crowd. And, It will also set you free.

With love

You have the power to be as choosy as heck and create more joy in your life right now. I’m here to help with that.

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