Love Letter #110: Living an Unapologetic

Does the word ‘unapologetic’ make you a little nervous? Or make you cringe a bit?

The Art of Self-Approval is how I work with women ready to live an unapologetic life, with love. Love for themselves, and others.

But often the word, “unapologetic” makes people cringe. There was a time when it was cringe-worthy for me too. I believed it meant being rude, hurtful, and unkind. It meant living without care for others. 

I’ve reclaimed many words that once triggered me. I’ve taken troublemaker and made it into a thing for myself; a Midlife Troublemaker. Selfish simply means caring for myself and recognizing that my needs are as important as anyone else’s. And “no” is now a full sentence. Period. Full stop. No explanation is necessary. 

I get to decide what these words mean in my life. So do you!

I’ve come to reclaim the word “unapologetic” as well. 

We, women, are trained to apologize for simply being in the world. Unless I’ve harmed someone, there is no need to apologize. But, we are held to impossible social standards and apologize so we don’t appear too bold, assertive, intelligent, or self-confident. We wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable now, would we? 

Frankly, I’m over it. I no longer give any f*cks about others being uncomfortable with me being me. 

Let’s be clear, this isn’t permission to be unkind towards anyone. But kind isn’t the same as nice. Nice is polite and often pretending to be pleasing to be liked. Kindness, on the other hand, is being genuinely ourselves. 

Being unapologetically self-approving is permission to stop being unkind towards myself. Letting go of perfectionism, the need to please to be liked. It’s healing these old patterns within myself and no longer seeking approval from others. 

The Art of Self-Approval is a pathway to grace, self-compassion, and unconditional self-love. I believe with every fiber of my being that it’s only through unconditionally loving myself that I can love everyone else unconditionally.

As within, so without. 

You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

Louse Hay

Unapologetic self-approval means accepting and embracing all aspects of yourself including those you were made to feel wrong for.

Too loud. Too sensitive. Too insensitive. Too logical. Too curious. Too quiet. Too flighty. Too much. Too fat. Too thin. Too ambitious. To talkative. Too pretty. Too ugly. Too sexy. Too happy. Too sad. Too needy. Too much…the list can be endless. What are you too much of?

Unapologetic self-approval means no longer hiding, dismissing, or shaming anything about yourself. 

Because every quality and trait you have is a part of your divine humanity, your personhood in this physical life. As an expression of Divine Life, you are whole, complete, and beautifully made. 

I invite you to own it. To love yourself fiercely and live an unapologetic life. 

Unapologetically yours, with love,

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