Leaving Home

I’m selling my home and getting ready to move. I considered having someone come and do the cleaning, but I love this place and wanted to touch every corner of it as I prepare to say goodbye.

You might be wondering why I would leave a home I love. It’s a fair question.

When I moved into this home I had just divorced after 35 years of marriage. I was lost and alone with no idea who I was or what I wanted. That was more than 10 years ago now. Then, it was a sanctuary. A symbol of freedom and a place in which to heal and rediscover my sense of self. I knew it was home the moment I saw it. The light was amazing and the energy was so peaceful. 

In this space, I was able to do the inner work of seeing my own part in the codependent life I’d been living. It provided me time and space to step into my independence, and decide who I want to be now. This home has been a healing haven in which to prepare for greater expansion in my life and new adventures.

I’ve done that healing and the time has come to let it go…with gratitude, appreciation, and love. In this home, I finished my degree at the University of Rhode Island, left a corporate career, started my coaching practice, and began a wonderful new relationship.

Will I miss it? Absolutely.

Ten years is the longest I’ve ever lived in one house and that includes childhood. I’ll miss the warmth it provides in winter and the summer breezes through the open windows. The way light filters through the windows as the seasons change. The delightful office space my sister and my partner put their love and care into helping me create.

The pink dogwood in the backyard has bloomed profusely this spring – a farewell flourishing perhaps. I’ll miss the gardens I’ve nurtured, the wonder and joy of each blossom, and watching the monarchs lay eggs on the milkweed. And, I’ll take with me countless memories of dinners and celebrations here with loved ones and friends. I am blessed and grateful for all that has transpired here. 

I am following a dream I have to live a mobile lifestyle. It may not seem logical and that’s perfectly okay. 

I know that the purpose of my life in this chapter is to keep evolving, growing, and living into my dreams. It is also to empower other women to give themselves permission to dust off their own dreams and work with women ready to step out of the shadows, stop playing small, and stand tall in the magnificent nature of who they – YOU – are here to be.

It would be out of integrity for me to encourage anyone to do things I’m not willing to do. How could I help you navigate your fears if I am unwilling to walk through my own? I’ve learned time and again that the only thing that stops me is my own limited thinking – and that, sweet friend, can be changed.

Creativity takes the courage to let go of certainty. Creativity isn’t limited to the world of art. We are all creators, creating our lives with each breath, each thought, each word, each choice.

When you take that first courageous step, you gain self-confidence. Who doesn’t want more of that? 

And with that self-confidence the willingness to take the next courageous step, and then the next. This builds resilience because you’re going to fail, but you learn that you can keep going. That failures are part of the process not the end of the story. Now, you are truly standing in your power as the cause of your life rather than living at the effects of it.

Life’s journey isn’t so much about getting somewhere, as it is about who you become along the way. 

Are you creating the life you truly want to live? What would you change? What’s one thing you might regret if you never give it a go? Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to take that first step?

I’d love for you to join me and step into the next adventure of your life…whatever that may be for you. I want to support you in creating your dreams and I can run beside you until your kite is in the air.

Here’s the link to schedule a call. No cost – no pressure. XO

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