Decide With an Open Heart

I just signed the purchase and sales agreement for the sale of my home. WOW! It was a whirlwind weekend!

The house went on the market Thursday with showings and open houses Friday through Sunday.  Seventy-six (76!) interested parties came through and eighteen offers were presented. Nearly all of them were over asking price…some, way over. On Tuesday morning, we were under contract. It was quite an experience.

You might think this is all due to a hot seller’s market, inventory is low, and it’s Spring. Not to mention I live in a sweet little bungalow. While these all played their part, I’m going to ask you to consider – or at least be willing to consider – the power of love at work here.

For starters, I love this home and always will (more about that here). This is more important than
you might think. When you truly love something and decide to let it go, that love goes out with it. Even my Realtor was astonished by the number of people and offers – and this is her jam. I truly believe that my decision was made in and from love and could only attract the most loving experience in the process.

I’ve been pulled towards a nomadic lifestyle for some time, and over the last few months, this
urge has become more intense. Rather than resist it –which most of us are programmed to do –
I created time and space in my life to be still and curious; to love and nurture the dream and
question the beliefs I was holding onto and process the emotions tied to them.

I did a lot of questioning and journaling and made sure those questions were helpful and

empowering. There’s a measure of success in our society associated with homeownership. Was I willing to let go of that to pursue something more and different in my life? What are my biggest
fears around this? Who am I without this home? The more I dove into this self-discovery through
the lens of love, the more I knew it was time.

There were other questions, too. Who am I becoming? Who do I want to be now? Who am I as this nomadic woman, writer, and life coach? What does she do? Where does she go? These questions help me to create a vision for what’s next.

As I got clear about what I wanted, new people and opportunities showed up in my life to support this adventure. I met the perfect Realtor and Real Estate Attorney who made the process simple and easy for me. A wonderful buyer arrived who will love this home as much as I do. When I first began to envision this transition, I thought I’d have to find an apartment, but what showed up instead is temporary housing with friends while I get my nomadic act together. More love!

The key to truly transforming your dreams into your life is to trust your inner knowing and trust the process as you become the dream. This isn’t what we’re taught to do…we think we have to make things happen and muscle our way through life, and generally believe life is meant to be hard…which is why so many of us are overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Let’s stop doing that to ourselves. Okay?

You still have to take action. I did the inner work – listening, journaling, and processing what I was feeling. I made the decisions. I called the realtor. I accepted the offer. Make no mistake – there’s still a lot of uncertainty that I continue to be curious about and work through. But I am continually learning the power of leaning into the wisdom of my body, listening to my heart, and allowing love to be the guiding force.

Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned whenever I decide something with an open heart I usually make the right decision”. You have the power to open your heart and decide to live the life you dream of.

I’m off to the basement to pack – there’s a lot more letting go to do!



Schedule a call. Let’s talk about what you’re dreaming of, and how you can get there…with love and grace. XO

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