Love Letter #81: 3 Secrets to a Kickass Life

Several years ago, I published a small book entitled, 3 Secrets to a Kickass Life, empowering women to live into their dreams. It’s a fun read with practical ways to get clear about what you want and welcome it into your life. So, today, in this love letter, I thought I would share those secrets with you. 

Secret #1: Desire. To know what you want. Often, it’s easier to begin with what you don’t want because that’s often glaring in your life and for many of us, women especially, we have been conditioned out of dreaming for ourselves. But, spending time each day imagining and getting into the feeling of what life might feel like if only…is a great place to start. 

Secret #2: Disrupt. This is often the most challenging part of the process because it means you have to disrupt your own limiting beliefs and this is no joke. It’s not easy, especially on your own, but not impossible either. Here’s a tip. Your life, right now, is an out-picturing of your beliefs. What you see is what you believe…and you might want to break up with those beliefs that aren’t supporting the life you want to live. 

Secret #3: Dare. This is where things get interesting and fun. This is all about taking action. Not just any old action but action that is inspired by Secrets 1 and 2. This doesn’t have to be big…in fact, the smaller the step the better because you’ll feel inspired to take the next step. Imagine one step that a tiny turtle would take. Do that. 

If you’re impatient, like I can be at times, you’ll want to be at the finish line before you even take the first step. This is often what stops us from truly changing anything in our lives. It seems like it will take forever. 

When I went back to college in my 50’s I kept thinking, I’ll be old when I graduate. But the truth is, I’ll be the same age whether I graduate or not. So…patience, intention, and tiny steps.

With love,

Secret #1 can be a challenge because we’re often living our lives by carrying out learned behaviors. Let’s, together, get you on the path to your dreams. Book a call today.

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