Love Letter #59: Change is Life in Action

God (Spirit, Source, Life, Love) knows Itself by becoming things. Those things come through you and me. We are Life living itself as me and you. Change is what we are here to be, do, and create. It is the one constant, yet we are most often in resistance to it. 

Change is Life in action.

I know you know. 

Last Sunday, Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson delivered an inspiring message at Concordia. He said, and I paraphrase, we are all called to greatness because we are incarnations of the Divine. We are divine in our true nature, yet we have been” indoctrinated into a false dogma” of not enoughness. He spoke of the discomfort of stepping out of the collective dogma.

That “dogma” is the idea that we are only good enough if we meet certain standards of money, lifestyle, looks, etc and keep working hard towards those things. But when is enough enough? There is no pinnacle…to end. Just keep working hard and harder. How much of this striving is actually distracting us from the truth of our being?

I’ve been thinking about this in my own life and the work I do. I’ve been asking myself where am I playing small? When and where do I feel discomfort and, when I do, what do I do?

I see it so often, especially in women. Those afraid to leave soul-sucking jobs because they don’t want to give up anything about their current lifestyle. But that lifestyle is really the thing that is soul-sucking…the job is what they are allowing to keep them there. 

Those who have made everyone and everything else a priority and fear being rejected or losing a relationship if they begin to make themselves a priority. 

I’ve been both of these women…I am all women, so are you. 

It is freaking uncomfortable to step out of these roles, to wake up from the trance of not being or having enough before we actually answer the call. 

And, the more we do it, the more we shift the systems that oppress us. The more we make life better for all women, all people…because we are no longer willing to deplete ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually striving for what is inauthentic and unattainable.

When we begin to wake up to the truth that we are incarnations of the Universe, that God is the Living Spirit that animates our lives, the Life Force within each of us, acting as and through us, the game changes. 

When we change…we change the game!

In her book, The Game of Life and How to Play it, Florence Shovel Shinn writes, “There is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, which no one else can do.”

Discomfort is the call to greatness, to discovering that which only you can do. 

That requires that we see ourselves as important (not more or less than), as the beloved, and as part of this cosmic tapestry of goodness on this planet here to create more good for ourselves and everyone else. 

I know when I am feeling discomfort, my tendency is to withdraw, pull back, and go silent. I can identify two fears underpinning this pattern. One is fear of anger. At times, my silence feels like deep anger within myself – perhaps anger with myself – and I fear that what will come out will be hurtful to others. And secondly, I too fear being rejected for being myself.  

This is the path of discomfort I walk, and something I am more and more aware of. It’s in the withdrawal that I recognize my discomfort. 

My work in the world isn’t to change you…it’s to change me and let that be guidance or inspiration for you if you too are seeking change; seeking to answer the call for yourself. 

There is a method to allow discomfort to pull you forward into the highest and best for yourself and others. It begins with loving the discontent, the discomfort. Yes…loving it. Allowing it to be, to inform, and to guide you rather than resist it. 

Shinn goes on to say, “Nothing stands between (man) me and my highest ideals and every desire of my heart, but doubt and fear.”

Are you ready to allow yourself to reach for those highest ideas and fulfill the desire of your heart? It can only be done by recognizing discomfort, embracing it, and allowing ourselves to move through it with grace and compassion. As we do, we become unstoppable. 

With love,

Moving through doubt and fear can be daunting without support. I’m here to help.

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