Love Letter #57: Change Me Prayer

I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s affirmation, “Divine Beloved, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is”, and noticing how my human brain wants to figure this out and my ego wants to make this happen. 

But to truly see the inherent beauty in myself is a deep inside job in my opinion. It asks me to own and recognize that I am an incarnation of the Divine. That It lives and moves through me. Not easy in this world where we have been indoctrinated into false beliefs that we aren’t good enough. 

As I contemplated this idea of truly seeing the truth of myself, I got curious about what would need to change in my consciousness for me to truly see, and how I and my life would be different as a result. This is an exercise in surrender for certain. Letting go of all preconceived ideas of beauty and trusting that beauty is inherent in me and you. We are beautiful as we are because we exist. 

So often when we think of beauty we think of magazines and beauty queens, but that’s a subjective and perfectionist idea of beauty. One I do my best to not be attached to. I stopped coloring my hair long ago as a result. I wasn’t being myself.

To truly see our inherent beauty means questioning all the ideas we’ve come to believe about beauty, especially as it relates to ourselves. 

So, I decided to take this affirmation and create a “change me prayer”, Tosha Silver style. Change me prayers are one way to take anything I think I have to figure out and give it over to the Divine. Surrender it…all of it. After all if I’m an incarnation of the Divine…and It is vastly more intelligent than me, why not. 

So rather than trying to figure out what needs to change for me to accept and see the truth of myself, I’m giving it all to God to do the figuring out. It knows! 

Here’s the change me prayer…

“Divine Beloved, change me into one who sees the truth of myself no matter how beautiful it is.” 

This shift from “help me” to “change me” seems subtle, but I believe words are powerful. 

What it says to me is I will trust in You as You walk me through this…whatever the change is. I will let go of worry, of figuring it out, of trying to make something happen and go about my life in peace and grace knowing the way forward will reveal itself in ways I can’t possibly imagine. 

Change me, is taking an active part in becoming the change I desire. I am inviting change. Asking for it. And, the Universe corresponds to our vibration and invitation. Yes will always be the answer.

I don’t have to figure out who I am as this person who truly embraces and approves of herself unapologetically. I surrender all of it to a higher power knowing that each situation that arises – especially the uncomfortable ones – are here to change me. Because change comes through discomfort. 

So, today I offer you this “change me prayer” and invite you to take it for yourself if you are so moved. Or, create one of your own. You can create a change me prayer for any situation in your life. 

Try it on. See how it feels, and embrace the change that comes. 

With love,

Surrendering to change can be challenging without support. I have been guiding women through this transformative journey for almost a decade. Reach out to discover how I can also assist you.

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