Love Letter #43: The Art of Appreciation

So often, when women come to me for support, they are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or just plain stuck.

Some express tremendous frustration with situations or people in their lives, some feel trapped in draining jobs, and others feel a general sense of being stuck, unsure of how to break free. I’ve experienced all of these feelings at different points in my life. How about you?

These situations can seem impossible to navigate and the more you try to change them, the worse they may seem. Right?

Because we are typically trying to change them from a place of resistance. 

But what if you tried appreciating it instead? 

It may sound like a crazy idea, I know. You might be thinking…

  • “How can I appreciate someone who won’t listen to me?”
  • “This job is overwhelming, leaving me no time for what I truly want!”
  • “I wish I didn’t feel so stuck, but I don’t see a way out.”

What we resist persists, and when we “wish” for a situation to be different, we are resisting it. We want it to be something other than what it is, and that creates a lot of unnecessary suffering in our lives.

While society teaches us to resist, our genuine essence is rooted in appreciation and joy.

In essence, things feel even more challenging when we fight against them because we’re out of our true nature.

So, here’s a challenge for you if you’re willing to accept it.

Take a situation in your life that’s causing you distress and start finding ways to appreciate it. Because appreciation or resistance is a choice. The choice is yours.

For example:

  • If you feel unheard, perhaps it’s an opportunity to truly listen.
  • A demanding job may indicate the need for better boundaries and the ability to say no.
  • Feeling stuck is often a fear of the unknown, prompting curiosity to move forward.

In invite you into the practice of appreciation. To welcome each moment with an open heart full of wonder, and relish the journey of life itself. Embrace life in all its beauty and complexity, for it’s in these moments that we truly come alive.

With love,

I’m here to support you too!

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