Love Letter #35: Celebrating Difference

As I walked Gracie this morning, I was delighted to hear the coo of a mourning dove. For me, this is a sure sign that spring is on its way. Only the males sing to attract a partner, and it seems this little guy wants to get a jumpstart on things.

I love the coo of the mourning dove. Throughout spring and summer it’s a beautiful, natural alarm clock for me in the morning, and the gentle evening cooing feels like a song of peace for the soul.

The mourning dove is a symbol of new birth, and a reminder to stay connected to mother earth as they eat from the ground. They bring a message of peace and love and remind us to love ourselves and others.

Since I was a child, I’ve had limited hearing. So, the mourning dove is one bird I can actually hear since most other birds’ songs are out of my hearing range. I don’t hear high pitched sounds, and soft sounds like f, p, s, are often challenging. I’ve learned to read lips to compensate.

I don’t tell you this for sympathy. It is what I have come to know, and there are times it saves me from hearing awful high piercing tones that most people are very sensitive to. I’m unfettered by them.

There was a time I thought my limited hearing range was a problem. It made me different from people who had perfect hearing – like my mother who could hear whisper from down the street. 

I remember 6th grade. I was eleven and once again I failed the school hearing test. I failed it every year of grade school and every time I was called to the office to get a note for my mother to take me to the hearing specialist. In 6th grade I was so done with being the weird kid that couldn’t hear well that I ignored my name being called over the PA system which was totally out of character for me. 

But, over time I’ve come to accept this as part of who I am. Part of the path I’m meant to walk in this lifetime. It has made me more sensitive to other’s differences and allowed me to find compassion and understanding in way’s I may not have if I had full, perfect hearing.

Learning to accept and embrace our differences is an essential part of life. It’s easy to feel like an outsider when we don’t fit the mold of what is considered “normal”. But the truth is, we all have something unique about us that sets us apart from others. It’s what makes us interesting and special.

Our differences are what makes the world a beautiful and diverse place.

It’s up to us to recognize and celebrate our own differences rather than trying to conform to a narrow definition of what’s “normal.” 

If you’re feeling like you don’t fit in or you’re struggling to accept a part of yourself that feels different, remember the mourning dove. Embrace your uniqueness and know that it’s all part of the journey.

With Love,

As a Self-Approval Life Coach I am all about embracing and celebrating what makes each of us unique and playing to your strengths…because I believe we are all meant to stand out and be our unique beautiful selves without apology. If you’re ready to step into your brilliance…book a call with me today!

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