Love Letter #26: What’s Your Reality

Do you believe that you can create anything you desire in your life?

I mean…really believe it?

I spent this morning drinking coffee with a phenomenal group of women and that got me thinking about a past desire to create a community of open hearted, like-minded women who are willing to go deep in conversation and be open to new ideas and perspectives. Small talk can feel like a waste of time for me…and I get deep and weird fast (I borrowed that line from my friend Jamie…and it’s so true). 

Our conversation turned to the concept of “reality”. What the heck is reality?

I like to think of it this way. Experiences are what is happening in our lives. Today it rained. I had coffee with six other women. I drove 90 minutes. These are real experiences.

But the meaning I give them is what creates my reality and that meaning is shaped by my thoughts and beliefs. When I get to have coffee with these women I think, “this is going to be awesome”, and it is. If I were going there thinking, “I hope they like me”, that would create an entirely different reality of this experience.

Are you with me? 

Nothing is fixed in this world. Everything is energy, always moving, including you and me. We get to decide what it is we want and take steps towards that.

When I reflected on my past desire to create community, I realized that I had always had this desire, but for much of my life I focused on not having it rather than creating it. I didn’t believe I could actually have it in my life.

Now, let’s be clear, I had to take action that was aligned with my desire. My first step was to look for local women’s groups and join one. Not everything was a fit for me, but when it was, I knew. And that has grown into multiple communities of amazing humans, both women and men.

So, if you’re looking at your life and thinking reality bites…we need to talk. It’s time to get clear on what you desire and tap into the courage you have to take the first step.

With love,

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