Love Letter #124: Exploring Your Perfectly Imperfect Self

Do you set impossibly high standards for yourself? Maybe you don’t put your work out into the world because it’s “not quite good enough”. Or you hold back expressing your needs because others might not like it. 

Maybe you’re overly concerned with what others will think if they get to know the “real” you. Or you might shy away from taking risks to try something new or follow your passions because you don’t have it all figured out. 

Are you someone who believes their worth comes from working hard and what you do rather than who you are? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perfectionism is ruling some or all of your life. Listen, I’ve been or done all of these things – and I still get caught in the trap of perfectionism. But I also know you can change this by embracing your perceived imperfections as a pathway to living a more passionate and fulfilling life. Even a wildly fulfilling life. 

We’ve been taught to tone down our passions for life because it might make others uncomfortable. We don’t want to be too much, too happy, or too at ease with ourselves. So, we armor up, as Brené Brown says. We hide behind the mask of acceptance. 

But why are we here if not to live passionately and boldly as our true selves?

Didn’t you incarnate into this life to live it with as much joy and verve as you’re capable of? Which, by the way, is only limited by your perception of yourself. 

Isn’t your soul craving greater self-expression, more fun, and play? 

When you read these questions, do they spark something deep within you? 

They sure do for me.

You are a sacred human. Wildly imperfect yet living and loving divinely. You are living and loving as Spirit expressed as you. I cannot emphasize this enough. You are in each moment and with each choice creating a life, your life. 

As Mary Oliver so poignantly asked, “What is it you will do with your one wild and precious life”?

Today, I invite you to embrace one, just one perceived imperfection. Just one. Spend time exploring it. Get to know it instead of resisting and denying it. Contemplate what it would be like if you took off the mask and embraced this as a beautiful part of you. What if you allow yourself to be vulnerable in this place and reclaim your sacred nature? 

Choose something you are afraid to be because of judgment or shame. For me, this is often asking for what I need. If I set the fear aside, what would that look like? 

If you could be uncommonly playful with your life, and give yourself complete freedom to be yourself – who would you be and what would that look and feel like?

Take your time with this. 

Don’t judge what comes, even if nothing does. Allow yourself to explore your perfectly imperfect self, and step into greater authenticity and genuine self-expression. 

You are here to be wildly imperfect and bravely authentic. 

With love,

Join me on an epic quest to uncover and cherish your quirks, and to celebrate the real you!

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