Love Letter #11: Playing With Poison P’s

I’m having some fun exploring the power of letting go and allowing whatever comes to mind to spill onto the page. As I think about perfectionism, I find myself gravitating towards words that start with ‘p’.

If you’ve been here a while you know I see perfectionism as a pesky pervasive phenomenon that affects us all in one way or another. Along with cousins, people-pleasing and procrastination, they can make life seem impossible at times. They are known as the three poison p’s. 

They are all ways we have learned to protect ourselves from the potential pain of being vulnerable. They also keep us from being the perfectly imperfect persons we are here to be.  Positively. 

Isn’t it peculiar the way these p’s permeate our lives and the probability that we are unaware of the poison they possess?

I’m not saying we are purposely poisoning 🤢 ourselves. 

We inherit these practices from the past, our parents, their pasts, and from other people who influence our present. Often, we are prepped and prepared to inherit these practices from people who are unprepared to understand us, or meet our needs and preferences. People with preposterous ideas that if one behaves in a way that is not predictable, they ‘deserve’ to be punished. Our preferences are pushed out of us in ways that are painful and particularly hurtful. So we learn to protect. 

Are you getting the picture? Is some of this your past too?

The point I want to press here is that we are God-life personified. Which means that we come into this world perfect and perfectly. We are born self-actualized – the perfection of Life expressed in particular as you and me. It’s the stories that are put upon us that bury this principle.  

If we approach life as perfect God (Source, Spirit, Love, Universe…choose your word), then everything else flows with ease; we have plenty and prosper. There is no pressure to perform or perfect. No reason to procrastinate or please. Suffering to achieve becomes a pointless illusion. 

This love letter is an invitation to a party. To indulge in a pleasurable life thats beyond what’s looks popular to what is positively real – for you. 

A new perspective where you see yourself as perfect in the panorama of life; whole, prepared to strip away the pile of perfectionism poo that has been piled onto your psyche…so you can free yourself from the pressure to perform, the pressure of perfectionism, and step into your innate power, the entirety of your true nature in this present moment and permanently. 

To be in the flow and ease of the perfection you already are. 

Are you willing to be that plucky? 

Peace and love,

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