Love Letter #105: I’m Here to Encourage You

I was put here to encourage you…

To encourage you to explore what life has to offer

To question your beliefs and ideas

To recognize there are many ways to be in this world and you are here to experiment with them

To let go of being so serious you aren’t enjoying the life you’ve created for yourself

To recognize that it’s okay to change your mind

Okay to let go of what you’ve been thinking, doing, believing, and the life you are  living 

That there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel you need to make a new choice,  a different choice in your life

That all of this is part of the adventure of life

You are here for the experience of it…all of it

Yes, sometimes things you try don’t work out as you think they “should”

Nevertheless, they are working out for you

You are always being guided, directed, and redirected 

But it’s easy to dismiss the need to be still and listen to your inner wisdom

I see you…I am you

But I promise you, it’s there

Each one of us has it 

We are all energy 

Energy – that is flowing to us and through us

We are all emitting a frequency that is resonant with who we believe we are

Limiting stories we’ve been told, rules we’ve been taught to follow, and experiences we’ve had often cloud our understanding of our true nature

But none of those things are who you truly are

The essence of your is limitless and you have infinite potential

So, now sweet friend…I am here to encourage you to

 Ask yourself…”What is my heart and soul calling for

Allow yourself to sit with that

It may feel uncomfortable

You’ll want to do something because so much of our training has been in doing

We have forgotten how to be

Sit with it

Let your inner wild child and wise woman speak to you

Let your body feel the truth of what you most desire

Then take a single tiny step in that direction

Just one tiny step is all that is necessary for the dream to begin moving towards you

In this beautiful dance of life, may you always find the courage to follow your heart, the wisdom to trust your journey, and the strength to embrace your limitless potential. And remember, I am here, cheering you on, every step of the way.

With Love,

Ready for some personal encouragement and the confidence to follow your heart. Let’s talk!

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