Love Letter #100: How to Live a Playful Life

Today is love letter #100!! 🎉🎉🎉 I am so excited to have reached this milestone and grateful that you are on this journey with me! 

I began this passion project to create more love in our lives and share the tools, practices, and insights I have learned about living a joyful life and The Art of Self-Approval. This hasn’t been without its challenges – there have been several days when I had no idea what I would write. That’s when slowing down and giving myself space and rest is important. That’s when the ideas surface. This brings me to today’s love letter topic; play and rest. 

When I was first training as a life coach, I studied with Martha Beck PhD and one of Oprah’s coaches. I learned to see my life as a continuum of play and rest; like an infinity loop. Play until you want to rest, rest until you’re ready to play. I no longer see work as work, but as part of the plan I get to experience within this life I get to live, in this amazing world I get to live in. 

In our fast-paced world, stress may seem like an inevitable part of our lives, especially for women juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. But what if we reframe our understanding of life’s rhythm? What if we viewed life as a continuum of play and rest rather than a constant struggle against stress?

This is a powerful perspective that can revolutionize how we approach well-being and self-care. 

Imagine life as a dance between two partners: Play and Rese. Just like any dance, harmony is key. Play represents the active, vibrant, and creative aspects of life, while Rest symbolizes rejuvenation, reflection, and recovery. Together they form a seamless continuum that sustains physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Think of life as a grand stage and you are playing lots of different roles, engaging in various activities, and navigating through challenges and opportunities. What if we dared to view all these activities, even the mundane and less enjoyable ones, as part of a remarkable game of play?

What do you get to play today? 

I play at writing. That doesn’t mean writing isn’t an important part of my life. Seeing it as play does not diminish its value or importance. What it does do is take the pressure off. I don’t feel as though I need to perform. Instead, I am free to write what comes to mind. To not get caught up in whether it’s perfect or not. And just have fun with it. 

Stress is not inevitable. It’s a choice we make to be stressed or not. It comes from our perception of what’s happening in our lives. It comes from wanting things to be different than they are. It comes from the fear of making mistakes and not being perfect. 

Shifting perspective and embracing life as a continuum of play and rest can transform your experiences, elevate your mood, and cultivate a greater sense of joy and fulfillment in everything you do. 

I invite you to give it a try. 

With love,

Hey friends…want to know more about living a life of play and rest? Schedule a complimentary session. You have nothing to lose.

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