In Service to Love

In this love letter, I want to talk about the importance of being in service to love. Service is one of three words that will guide my intentions for 2024.

To me, being in service to love means embodying the highest form of love and devoting myself to this purpose. It’s not just about serving my clients, but serving Love itself—whether we call it God, Spirit, Source, or Life.

I know it’s not always easy to prioritize ourselves, especially when we’ve been conditioned to prioritize others instead. It can lead to feelings of discomfort or shame when we consider putting ourselves first.

As someone who has struggled with these feelings myself, I understand the importance of self-acceptance. I practice and teach The Art of Self-Approval™ because self-love is powerful. I’ve experienced the frustration of wanting more for myself but being afraid of disappointing others or being rejected.

However, when I began to prioritize my own well-being and recognize that my life is a gift, I was able to break free from these limitations. I found the courage to put myself first, even if it meant disappointing or losing some people along the way.

Being in service to Love is a practice. It doesn’t mean being perfect or having all the answers. It means showing up with an open heart and a willingness to learn and grow. It’s about being present for yourself, prioritizing your own well-being, recognizing your own worth, and being kind and compassionate to yourself so you can bring that same compassion and kindness out into the world.

From my heart to yours,

When you’re ready to join me in this practice, I’m here for you.

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