How To Manage Your Mind

I want to share a process I use for managing my mind…so I can think better, feel better, and live better.

I wrote these steps down after being awake in the middle of the night worrying about money. I know worry is a waste of time…and I have a human brain that needs me to manage. Otherwise, it can lead me down a rabbit hole of worry and fear.

I was stuck in an old pattern of scarcity thinking. There isn’t enough, won’t be enough…which comes down to ‘I am not enough’.

I was raised on the belief that you have to work hard at a job or you’ll ‘never amount to anything’. Living in a hustle and grind culture that demands perfectionism of women simply reinforces these beliefs on a daily basis. We must compete and be perfect to ‘get ahead’.

This is not who we truly are.

We all have lots of bullshit ideas we’ve learned, picked up and reinforced over time. Most of the seem real, but honestly, everything is made up.

If you find yourself stuck in the bullshit ideas of scarcity, lack, thinking you’re not capable, not smart enough, not confident enough or lovable enough or whatever bullshit is playing in your brain…this is for you.

I’m sharing my practice to move through bullshit thinking…because it just might help you, too.

  1. Awareness is always the first step. You have to be willing to question your thoughts…so you can decide to change them (or not…completely up to you). When you’re body feels contracted, tight, heavy…or some other weighted down, tired old feeling…you’re probably stuck in bullshit thinking.
  2. Write down every bullshit thought you can grab onto on paper or in a journal. I like to do this organically…rather than electronically.
  3. Look at the story you are telling yourself…it’s usually some version of the “I’ll never measure up” story.
  4. Now…this is really important…love that story. This is where self-approval comes in. This is your story. If you judge it or make yourself wrong for having these thoughts, you’re just piling on more bullshit.
  5. Once you’ve done this…you can choose to write a new story, new thoughts, create new beliefs…and practice writing it, saying it, and believing it for at least 30 days…until it comes more easily without the brain trying to convince you to go back to the shitty old ‘safe’ story.

A belief is a thought you’ve practiced – thought – over and over again.

No thought is true…unless you believe it.

Why not choose to believe thoughts that support the life you want to live…empowering, uplifting, soul-nurturing thoughts…so you can live a freer more fulfilling life. 

Can I help you learn to manage your mind so that you too can create a life of abundance, joy, peace and harmony? A life of unapologetic self-approval? Let’s see

With love,

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