Love Letter #77: The Weight of Change

I came upon this poem today as I am feeling the weight of changing things in my own life.

“It is okay

To take time

To process

The weight

Of changing things

And it is okay

To not be sure

Of what the

Coming months

Will bring,

But may you know

That even here

You are much more

Than those things

And there is still room

To come alive

And thrive

Within the


Morgan Harper

How often we avoid making changes that we’re being called to make because what’s next is so uncertain and unknown.

It is not only okay to take time to process change, it’s important to do so. To feel the letting go, to release the attachment to what was, and to grieve for who you were up until this moment.

It’s funny how change doesn’t really happen all at once. It percolates. And as it does, realizations rise to the surface. A nudge here. An insight there. And then, seemingly all at once, things have changed.

Even if we resist what’s changing initially, eventually we can only lean into it, otherwise we lose something of our emerging self. We dishonor who we are becoming, and that can only be more of who we are meant to be.

Life is ever expressing and expanding upward and onward.

Think about your life and all the changes you’ve experienced. Has any of it not brought you to a better place…eventually?

Change may be pressing against your being. Or maybe you’re in the midst of change or contemplating change. Remember that this is Life moving through you as it moves you into becoming. And, in the process, in the waiting as it were, there is still room for living, thriving, and coming alive.

With Love,

It is okay to take time to process change and it’s also okay to get support through the process. I’m here to help. Schedule a complimentary clarity call.

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