Love Letter #132: Its Risky to Be Seen

So much has changed since I started writing these love letters. This is love letter #132, and if you count those I wrote in December of 2023, I’ve written for 163 consecutive days. This is a labor of love and one way I can share what I’ve learned in my life with you. It’s risky to put yourself out there and be seen and share your heart, your work, and your wisdom with the world. 

But isn’t that what we all want? To be seen, heard, and accepted for who we are? Thank you for being a witness to this adventure. 

Today, I want to reintroduce myself in a way I haven’t before. I wonder if you’re willing to take the risk and do the same in the communities you take part in? 

Think about how much you have changed over the past six to twelve months. I know I have. 

I am not the same woman I was this time last year. At that time, I couldn’t imagine writing every day…what would I have to say? What would I have to say that others would want to hear? I’m different now. I am less concerned with what anyone else thinks…and much freer to write what’s on my mind and heart. What’s different about you today?

Honestly, the changes are all internal. You can’t see them on the outside. My inner landscape has shifted, and my perception of myself has changed, as I allow myself to express myself more freely and fully. 

Allow me then to reintroduce myself.

I’m Elaine Blais; a spiritual practitioner, certified as a life coach and teaching The Art of Self-Approval™. I am in the business of self-approval rather than self-improvement. 

I believe you have nothing to improve – you are already everything you need to be – a perfectly imperfect sacred human. It’s your conditioning, who you’ve learned to think you should be, that has you telling a very different story; that you’re not enough, that parts of you are unacceptable, bad, or wrong. It’s your conditioning that has you striving for perfectionism instead of embracing your truest self. 

But here’s the thing – you are an expression of Divine Love. I call this God. How then is it possible that anything is wrong with you?

My ultimate purpose is to be unapologetically me and spark a revolution of authenticity and love in others. All the conflict in the world stems from a lack of self-love.

Listen, I don’t have life figured – no one truly does. What I have is a willingness to be curious and open to discovering the places within myself where I continue to hide who I am. I believe this is the adventure of living life, the very reason we are here – to become the most fully expressed versions of our glorious selves. This means wholehearted and unabashed self-approval and unconditional self-love.

It doesn’t mean thinking I am more or less than anyone else. But, I have come to know and accept that I am no less important or worthy than anyone else.

We do see ourselves in contrast to other humans – this is how we know we exist. But we often make ourselves wrong for not being like those other humans or not conforming to a collective idea or belief about who and how we should be – this is where we get all screwed up.

I’d love for you to answer these questions.

  • “I wish I were more like _____________?
  • “I’m grateful I’m not more like ______________?

Ask yourself why you wish these things. What about these qualities do you desire or not, and why?

There’s a phrase used in coaching, “You spot it, you got it.” Meaning what you see in others exists in you. 

You already possess both of these qualities. The one you covet and the one that’s unwanted. 

Do you see how simple that is?

You can get curious about why you want the desired quality and why you resist the undesired quality in yourself with compassion and love…because these are parts of your sacred self. There is nothing to fear…only yourself to get to know.

Life coaching isn’t about dredging up the past and pushing yourself to improve or be different. It’s more of a dance of discovering who you are on the way to what you truly, truly want in your life. 

I support you in creating space for play and discovery, to help you see your life’s journey as a beautiful adventure – traveling to new places so you can enjoy who you are right now – rather than waiting for something to change. It is always a joy and an honor for me to be the guide and witness for others. 

I know…it feels risky to be seen. I also know you are totally worth betting on yourself! 

Life coaching is like embarking on an exhilarating journey to unravel the mysteries of your fantastic, sacred self. To unleash your wildest dreams and watch them bloom right before your eyes. If you can dream it, it’s yours for the taking. 

And, there’s no end to the magic you can create!

With Love, 

If you’re curious about what life coaching can do for you. I offer a 30-minute session at no cost. You have everything to BE and nothing to lose.

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