Love Letter #113: How to Have the Entire Loaf…

…not just crumbs!

Growing up with emotionally unavailable adults in your life can feel like you’re on a treasure hunt where the treasure is love, but all you find are breadcrumbs. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve collected my fair share of those elusive breadcrumbs throughout my life. That’s ironic because I love good, crusty bread!

But I’m learning that you don’t have to settle for breadcrumbs. You can have the entire loaf of love and self-approval. 

Embracing self-love and self-approval is like discovering a secret garden within yourself, a sacred space where you can nourish your soul and bloom into the radiant being you were always meant to be. It’s about tapping into your inner wisdom, connecting with your higher self, and showering yourself with the unconditional love and compassion you deserve.

So, how do you go from craving breadcrumbs to baking your whole loaf of love and approval? 

Here are some uncomplicated ways to support you on your journey. 

  1. Embrace Your Inner Child and Play More!! I’ve been noticing that I haven’t been playing much lately. It’s time to change that and remember the playful, curious, and creative child within and invite her out to play. Embracing your inner child is a beautiful way to reconnect with your authentic self and rediscover the joy and wonder of life. 
  2. Cultivate Self-Love: This is something we often struggle with because it’s foreign to anyone who was taught love was something you had to earn. That’s most of us. It’s time to treat yourself like the goddess you are! Practice daily self-love rituals such as meditation, affirmations, or simply taking time to do things that bring you joy and make your soul sing. 
  3. Trust Your Intuition: Your intuition is your spiritual GPS, guiding you towards what feels right and true for you. Learn to trust your inner wisdom, listen to your heart’s whispers, and follow the path that resonates with your soul. Remember, your brain will want to keep you comfortable…don’t let it get in the way of nurturing your soul. 
  4. Surrender and Let Go: Release the need to control every aspect of your life and surrender to the flow of the universe. Trust that everything is unfolding as it should and embrace the lessons and blessings that come your way.
    Here’s a prime example. I’m having my car serviced this week and the bill will be over $1,000. I watched myself try to figure out how I would manage that financially for a hot minute. As I noticed my desire to control this, I remembered to trust that Life is always supporting me. This is happening for me, and everything is always working out for me. I don’t need to know how. I simply need to trust and let it go. 
  5. Connect with Spiritual Community: Surround yourself with like-minded souls who uplift, inspire, and support you on your spiritual journey. Share your experiences, wisdom, and love with each other, and celebrate the magic of sisterhood and brotherhood. In other words, go where you are invited and celebrated. 

Remember, you are a divine being of love and light, worthy of all the love, happiness, and abundance the universe has to offer. By embracing self-love and self-approval, you can transform your life from chasing after breadcrumbs to baking your own whole loaf of love, joy, and spiritual fulfillment.

So, grab your mixing bowl, sprinkle in some love, appreciation, and approval, and get ready to bake the most delicious loaf of self-love and spiritual abundance you’ve ever tasted! 

With love,

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