Let's face it: Midlife is not for sissies.

Changing your life takes courage and support.

For starters, there's nothing *wrong* with you.

That restlessness you're feeling is an invitation to reclaim the most beautifully authentic version of yourself. Your truest self. The YOU, who you know deep down, you're meant to be.

It's so easy to get stuck in self-doubt and sidestep what you really want. Wanting your life to be different doesn't mean it's bad or you're bad. The truth is, you're badass! Even if you feel far from it right now.

"When you find the courage to change at midlife, a miracle happens. Your character is opened, deepened, strengthened, softened... you are now prepared to create your legacy."

-Angeles Arrien

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Let me put it to you this way.

You have more knowledge, skill, experience, and resources at this stage in your life than ever before... and a shit-ton more wisdom than ever before!

It makes total sense that the life you've been living no longer fits you the same way. It's the same reason you don't still wear corduroy jeans you wore in the 8th grade. (Unless you do... no judgment.)

Nothing’s wrong. You dear phenomenal woman are ready to evolve!

Life on the Other Side of Coaching:

  • You feel comfortable in your own life because you're in charge of how you live it.
  • You know what you want - and second-guessing is only a memory.
  • You're free to reclaim, reset, and reinvent yourself and your life as you wish.
  • You don't make excuses anymore for not having the things you want - you either have them or you don't want them anymore.

Best of all? You'll confidently embrace this more expansive, beautiful, and powerful version of you.

How Coaching Works:

I’ll give you the deep support and gentle accountability you’ll need to clarify your desires, put them into action, and confidently step into your next act.


First, you’ll get clear on your desires, so you can celebrate, activate, create and live your deepest desires and dreams. Knowing what you want creates confidence and the shit you can accomplish when you step into your true self will blow your mind!


You’ll learn to disrupt all the B.S. you’ve been believing and find your badass. By BS I mean the beliefs and stories you’ve been telling yourself about who you think you should be. This girlfriend is the secret to what’s possible and realizing your dreams.


You’ll lighten up. You are here for the adventure of living life as only you can and in your own unique way. It’s time to put down the need for life to be a struggle and allow yourself to be playful and have fun. You’ll find more satisfaction in taking action and even a willingness to fail (gulp!).

I approach coaching with one thing in mind, YOU, helping you create what you want and get results.

I offer a 3-month deep coaching program that can be extended upon the client's choosing (and often, is!)

  • Includes weekly private coaching sessions (each session is 60 minutes)
  • Guided visualizations
  • Breaks for integration and completion of action steps
  • Hand-picked tools and practice materials
  • Access to me via email during business hours for questions, concerns, or simply to celebrate you!

Consider me your midlife adventure guide!

To get started, hit the button below to schedule a free call and we can see if we're a fit.

October 25, 2022-10 copy
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