Celebrating Independence

It’s July 4th weekend! Time to celebrate our nation’s independence!

I was at the beach with my 4-year-old grandson this weekend. I watched him wade into the small waves in the cove as he went out into the water with my brother. His laughter bubbled up from his toes as he jumped each wave that rolled by. One wave caught him in the face and he recovered. Later he said excitedly “the wave went into my mouth!” I realized I’d been watching him in the art of becoming; experiencing big moments of joy through small acts of independence. It got me thinking about celebrating my own acts of independence. Life somehow gets in the way. I sometimes worry about what others might think, whether there is enough time or money, and I forget to just allow the waves to splash over me. Maybe this has happened to you? As we celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, I’m making a conscious effort to live like that four-year-old, to delight in the waves and joyously celebrate acts of independence and the art of becoming. I hope you will to!

Happy 4th and happy trails…

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