Reclaim your personal power!


  • Unapologetically accepting and loving yourself
  • Trusting your own sense of knowing...without question
  • Living your life without worry or fear of what anyone else thinks

The Art of Self-Approval is the ultimate middle finger to culture, conformity, and 'nice girl' syndrome...and it's your pathway to personal freedom, peace of mind, and the success and fulfillment you dream of...and deserve!

This class is for you if...

➡️ You are often self-critical – even in small ways

➡️ You struggle with setting and honoring your boundaries

➡️ You 'should' on yourself...a lot and think you'll be happy 'when' something changes

➡️  You have a hard time saying 'no 'without feeling guilty

➡️ You often (or always?) put others first neglecting your own needs and desires

➡️ You hide parts of yourself because you've been led to believe they are the world never gets to enjoy the richness of who you truly are

Can you relate to some of this...maybe all of this?

These are just some of the ways we abandon ourselves!

I’ve done all of these things and still do some of them…I am a work in progress too.

None of this is your fault. We’ve all been conditioned to believe we are lacking or not enough in some way. This is total bullshit!!!

The Art of Self-Approval is having the audacity to make your needs and your life a priority…not at the expense of anyone else but in the pursuit of living the life you dream of.


Here's what you'll get in this introductory class...

  • For starters, you'll get two hours of sacred time to focus on you and you a supportive and safe space
  • A deeper sense of what you truly want
  • A peek into what's keeping you from that
  • Ways to begin the practice of self-approval...tiny steps towards big results
  • A playbook with the steps to guide you into greater self-approval every day of your life

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February 4, 2023

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October 25, 2022-2 copy 2

About Your Host

I'm Elaine Blais, a Professional Midlife Troublemaker (aka Difficult Woman) and Certified Life Coach. She works with women to overcome approval issues that have stopped them all their lives, finally put themselves first, and step unapologetically into self-approval so they can create more success and fulfillment in their life and business.

What Others Have Said:

“I was amazed at how repetitive my old thought patterns were. Elaine helped me see what was holding me back that I couldn’t see for myself. With this heightened awareness, and the understanding that I have the power to decide to change my thoughts, I am stretching into a new direction I so wanted in my life. This has opened up so many new avenues for me to explore! I breathe deep and know I am making this new life a reality.”

"Elaine is an astute listener able to ask questions that stopped me in my tracks and brought about startling clarity. Every conversation with her leaves me feeling lighter, full of hope, and ready to face a previously insurmountable challenge. Highly recommended!”

"Elaine Blais is the real deal! Participating in her workshop gave me energy and confidence around my job search. Before the workshop I was feeling stuck and resigned. The exercises opened up new insights about how to start being the professional I dream of, right now. I highly recommend working with Elaine."

Will you say YES to you?


When will this class be held?

In Person - Saturday, January 21st at Concordia Center for Spiritual Living, Warwick, RI

Virtual - Saturday, February 4th via Zoom.

How much does it cost?


You deserve nothing less than completely self-approval, to trust your sense of self, you inner knowing, and follow your dreams. This is just the appetizer!! 

What should I bring?

In person class you'll need a journal and something to write with.

Virtual class will need a computer with Zoom access, along with something to write with.

I have more questions.

I'm here to help! Email me directly at

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