Self-Approval Summer Camp

Hi. I’m Elaine.

Welcome to my first ever Self-Approval Summer Camp!

I’m trying something I’ve never done before. 

This is a one of a kind summer camp for woman. No bugs 🐜🦗🦟. No dirt. No rain 🌧. No damp socks 🧦🧦. No swimming in pond water...yuck! And, no mean camp counselors 📢 yelling at you!! 

You get to pitch your tent in the comfort of your home…or be at the beach…or the forest…or your own backyard…

…for 5 days of Self-Approval Summer Camp…where I bring you new ideas and concepts to heal perfectionism so that you can reclaim your personal power and create more of what YOU want in life. 

Because you deserve to know, love, and trust yourself unconditionally and live the adventure of your life!

My goal is the help you break the hold perfectionism has on your life…because it’s incredibly sneaky and a lot of the time you don’t even know you’re in it. 

Does a fish know it's in water?  Exactly!!

☀️ I’ll give you everything you need to shift from chasing perfection(ism) to seeing how perfect you already are.

☀️ But, I gotta warn ya…the work WILL challenge you. 

☀️ It will push you out of the ho-hum of your life, the same-old patterns of thinking and seeing yourself…

…so if you’re like, “I just want to relax this summer and not tax myself too much emotionally”…you’ll want to skip this.

But if you WANT to do this work…it will be f*ing liberating and a boatload of fun.'s $32 for the entire 5 day experience...

CRAZY, right!

(honestly...most of us spend that just on coffee for the week)


I want to fast track you as much as possible to knowing, loving, and trusting yourself - UNAPOLOGETICALLY…because that’s the ticket to being who you truly are and reaching for those dreams inside you.

Will you say YES to you?


This is for:

  • Women who know that perfectionism has a hold on their lives
  • Women who are wondering if they’re perfectionist
  • Women who don’t think they are perfectionist…because this is often the case it’s so fucking insidious!
  • Women who often (or always) feel like they fall short, don’t measure up, are not enough
  • Women who are stuck in life…unsure how to move forward
  • Women who are ready to disrupt the ho-hum of their life and start on a new adventure (ooh, la, la…kindred spirits)

Self-Approval Summer Camp

A one of a kind  summer camp experience to ignite your self-approval journey. 

Where: Your Inbox & A Private Facebook Community

How does this work?

Once you register you'll receive a welcome email with a link to a private Self-Approval Summer Camp Facebook community...go there and get your copy of our handy-dandy camping guide!

  •  Soon after, you'll get the first of five (5) consecutive daily Self-Approval Summer Camp Activity emails in your inbox...
  • delicious and fun activity per day with everything you need to shake up your life and start on the path to unapologetic self-approval
  • ...a private Facebook Community to ask questions, share your insights, and get additional support and guidance...and an opportunity to be showered with loving kindness and celebration.
  • I'll be popping into the community periodically to answer any additional questions you have and see how y'all are getting on...
  • ...and you can always email me for support: deserve to live the adventure of your life...and that starts with complete and unapologetic self-approval...that's what this camp is all about.

The only permission you need is your own!



Your Adventure Guide

I'm Elaine Blais, Certified Self-Approval Coach for Women and self-proclaimed Difficult Woman. I work with women to heal perfectionism through The Art of Self-Approval so they can stand in their power and live into their dreams. See you at camp!

What she said...

I took Elaine’s class knowing I am a people-pleaser. I really want to stay true to my core beliefs even in difficult times. It was a wonderful journey of seeing where I've been so I could see my path illuminated before me and determine my next steps. I'm excited to continue approving of myself and showing up as myself in all areas of my life.

"Elaine is an astute listener able to ask questions that stopped me in my tracks and brought about startling clarity. Every conversation with her leaves me feeling lighter, full of hope, and ready to face a previously insurmountable challenge. Highly recommended!”

"Elaine Blais is the real deal! Participating in her class gave me energy and confidence around my job search. Before the workshop I was feeling stuck and resigned. The exercises opened up new insights about how to start being the professional I dream of, right now. I highly recommend working with Elaine."

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