Love Letter #160: From the Cockpit: Writing Life

As I write this love letter #160, I am reflecting on these past months and this practice. It’s been a journey waking up each day thinking about love. At this moment, I am sitting in the captain’s chair in the cockpit of the boat. The blue sky is dotted with cotton candy clouds as a seagull flies overhead. The sun is warming, there’s a light breeze, and “I’ve Got You Babe” is playing on Spotify. I am in gratitude for this moment of being wrapped in Life’s love for me.

When I began this practice, I knew it had to be organic. I would write daily about what presented itself to me. This is a practice of trust. Trusting myself. Trusting the process. Knowing that what wants to be expressed and explored would unfold. It has been an adventure in personal and spiritual growth and expression.

There have been days, and I often share them with you, when I’m staring at the blank page with nothing at the moment. I’ve learned many things about being a writer and writing from Anne Lamott and her book, “Bird by Bird.” One of the most significant lessons is that even the most prolific writers often start at the blank page more frequently than most of us might imagine. When I allow myself to write what I am feeling in those moments, to let the blank page present itself, suddenly I am writing again. What makes one a writer is that they write. There’s no good or bad to it.

Before I get too far down that rabbit hole, I really want to talk about making love the priority each day in my life. It is now a part of my morning practice. In meditation and prayer, there are always the questions: “How can I love today?” and “How will I be love today?”

Love is an energy. A frequency that we embody. We don’t find love. We are love.

Since beginning this process, I’ve had moments of deep sadness for the young girl in me who never felt truly loved, and I realize I have a deeper sense of compassion for everyone, including people whose way of being in the world seems hurtful. I can’t help but feel their suffering.

Yet, what I have come to see and feel more clearly now is when and where I am withholding love. The moments I close down, rather than expand, are when an old pattern arises, and I feel a familiar resistance to love. I no longer need these old coping patterns. Nevertheless, they still need me to feel them and release them.

When we decide to lean into life in a new way, Life will always give us plenty of opportunities to practice what we want. So, when I feel that old resistance, I recognize this as Love asking to be expressed in a new way. A way that I’ve not been open to before. It’s a practice getting there, and like anything else I’ve wanted to change, awareness is always the first step.

Each morning, before I get into the busyness of my day, I think about you and I think about love. I ask the Divine to show me the way today to be love more freely and fully.

This journey of writing daily love letters has deepened my understanding of love and it’s presence in our lives. It has also deeply reinforced my understanding that love is what we are; it is something to be recognized without ourselves, not something to be sought after. 

As I continue this practice, I embrace the moment of stillness and reflection, trusting that each day brings new opportunities to express and experience love. My hope is that we all find ways to make love a priority in our lives. It is only through love that we truly connect with ourselves and one another. 

With love

I’m here to help you navigate life’s twists and turns with self-confidence, grace, and unabashed self-approval. Let’s connect and get to know one another.

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