Love Letter #159: Meditation for Complex Times

I love meditation. I practice it every day, often twice a day. It grounds me, connects me with a deeper truth about myself, and fosters the inner peace that keeps me centered, especially in challenging times. These dear heart, are indeed difficult times, are they not?

If you think you can’t meditate or it doesn’t work for you, this love letter is for you. Because meditation isn’t what you think it is.

It is not about turning off your thoughts. That’s impossible. It is not about sitting for hours. That’s impractical for many of us, especially if you’ve experienced trauma. It’s not about escaping from the world. Although I do enjoy retreating occasionally, it’s not necessary to experience the benefits of meditation.

Meditation, in its simplest form, is taking moments to be inwardly contemplative. It involves bringing your attention to your body and breathing and simply noticing.

Practicing meditation begins with a shift in mindset. Telling ourselves we ‘can’t’ meditate is a setup for failure. Instead, what if you are willing to try? Believing that meditation doesn’t work begs the question: what are you expecting, and what if you let go of those expectations? Often, our expectations are steeped in perfectionism. If I don’t do it perfectly, I’m not doing it at all. But meditation is a practice. There is no perfect. There is simply a deeper connection with your inner being over time, and that takes patience.

Let me tell you about my meditation this morning.

I sat on the floor facing my little altar, with incense burning and soft meditation music in the background. Today, it felt particularly challenging to be still. Rather than forcing it, I let my body move as it wanted to. I flowed with my feelings rather than resisting them. As I did, I felt as though I was witnessing the movements of my body from a detached perspective, as if the I Am was moving me and I was the observer. This brought my attention to the magnificence of my body, the vessel that carries me through this human experience. I was within myself and outside myself as the witness. There was nothing else in the room. This, too, is meditation.

Before you dismiss the idea of meditation, give yourself the gift of experimenting with it. Meditation isn’t about how you do it; it’s about experiencing a connection with your true nature, your higher self. Embrace the journey and discover the profound peace and insight that meditation can bring to your life.

With love

I’m here to help you navigate life’s twists and turns with self-confidence, grace, and unabashed self-approval. Let’s connect and get to know one another.

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