Love Letter #157: Choosing To Be Here

This weekend, I had a conversation with a friend about the profound concept of being in this world, but not of it. During my silent meditation this morning, I received a thought-provoking message: “I am not from here, but I chose to come here.” This resonates deeply with me, and perhaps it will with you as well.

Often, I feel a sense of belonging nowhere yet everywhere. Does this ever happen to you? Maybe that’s why I have such a strong desire to wander and travel. 

When I contemplate the idea of not being from here yet choosing to be here, life transforms into an incredibly joyful experience, regardless of circumstances. Whatever the reason for our presence in this world, we are meant to experience and feel everything it offers. This, I know, can seem hard to do at times, when we feel deeply. 

The things that truly matter cannot be held in our hands. We can touch a loved one, but we cannot touch love itself. Love touches us through the sensations and feelings in our bodies. Without our bodies, we could not experience any of this.

So often, we want to push away or push through uncomfortable feelings. But what if you allow yourself to truly understand that you came here to experience all of it? That we are here to walk with and through what we experience and feel. Joy and disappointment. Love and heartache.. Pain and rapture. Beauty and grief. Misery and bliss. Loss or gain. 

When I reflect on this idea of choosing to be here, there are no problems, only situations or experiences that challenge me to rise above; an invitation to choose a higher perspective. To allow myself to feel what I need to feel, and then accept the offering as a means to creativity and growth. 

Image if you will, that everything you find wrong or unacceptable about yourself – be it physical, emotional, habitual, or circumstantial – is essential to your wholeness. An invitation to experience the true beauty of who you are more fully and deeply? What then, my beautiful friend?

Knowing I am not from here, yet chose to be here, allows me to navigate this journey as a traveler, experiencing everything possible in the short time I am here. Life is a gift given to me by a Supreme Being or Universal Intelligence. My gift in return is how I use it, experience it, enjoy it, and embody it, because I am that Intelligence experiencing itself in, as, and through me.

I’d love to know your thoughts…and what this evokes in you.

With love,

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