Love Letter #156: Unlock Creativity & Clarity

Staring at this blank page yet again, my mind is awhirl with chaos and creativity, searching for the “perfect” words for this love letter. 

My inner perfectionist craves something profound and inspiring—bless her heart. Meanwhile, my neurodivergent brain throws a million ideas into the mix, and my creative spirit just wants to have fun and play. What’s a gal to do?


Yes, you heard me. Nap. While being wonderfully inspiring is great, there’s magic in the ordinary. Naps may seem ordinary, but they are one of my secret weapons to transform the chaos of my brain into clarity. If you’re familiar with Abraham Hicks, they’re all about catching a nap when energy takes a nosedive. 

I know some people might think of naps as lazy indulgence. I say f* that! Naps are a glorious act of self-care and nourishment, and they’re a middle finger to systems of oppression that demand perfection. 

Urgency culture, erasure culture, and performance-driven culture are all ways that keep people from resting so that capitalism continues to thrive. Exhaustion becomes normal, no stories support rest, and the relentless pursuit of more in order to have a perfect life drives us to sacrifice our well-being.

Tricia Hersey, founder of The Nap Ministry, writes in her book Rest is Resistance – a Manifesto, “Productivity should not look like exhaustion. The concept of laziness is a tool of the oppressor. A large part of unraveling from capitalism will include becoming less attached to the idea of productivity and more committed to the idea of rest as a portal to just be.”

When I nap, I come back refreshed and ready to conquer. Today, it means returning to the page with a clear mind and less anxiety about what to write. According to the National Sleep Foundation, naps can improve alertness and boost learning and performance. So, napping isn’t lazy—in fact, it makes us more effective!

Embracing the power of the nap is like hitting the refresh button for your brain. If you feel you shouldn’t nap, that’s all the more reason to do it. Be a nap rebel!

Don’t underestimate how those fifteen to twenty minutes of deep rest can alter the course of your day for the better. Over time, it just might change your life.

With Love

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