Love Letter #155: Be Success Right Now

When I wrote Love Letter #153, “What Success Looks Like Now,” I never imagined that success would be the highlight of conversation in a Monday morning group I attend. I adore the women in this group. Their unique and beautiful perspectives and experiences create conversations that are as rich and satisfying as an exceptionally good cup of cappuccino.

A quick note before we dive in. Notice the title of this Love Letter is about being ‘success’ rather than being successful. It’s an important distinction.

We discussed how our understanding of success has evolved over time and shared a common desire to define success on our own terms. Success isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept; it’s unique to each of us.

One of my favorite books on success is “Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth. Although it was first published forty years ago, its wisdom remains timeless. One of the most simple yet profound quotes from the book is: “We don’t change what we are, we change what we think we are.”

Butterworth teaches that to be successful, we must think ‘success.’ This means living in the present moment as a successful person, regardless of outer circumstances. It’s about believing before seeing.

Remember those childhood road trips when you’d constantly ask, “Are we there yet?” The journey seemed endless because all you could think about was the destination. Now, imagine living in this moment as the successful person you aspire to be. What if you took the next step as though you’ve already arrived?

If we’re always fixated on external outcomes and future success, we end up making the journey feel miserable and success seems perpetually out of reach. Success and prosperity are states of consciousness. When we embody the mindset of someone who is successful and lives as that person now, success becomes inevitable.

Even when we start something new, we can choose to see ourselves as successful at being a beginner. There’s nothing stopping us from embracing success with enthusiasm and a positive mindset. Being a beginner is a unique and valuable stage. It’s a time of learning, growth, and exploration.

When we start something new, we often worry about making mistakes or not being good enough right away. However, success as a beginner doesn’t mean mastering the new skill instantly; it means engaging with the process fully and openly. It’s about having the courage to take the first step, the willingness to learn from mistakes, and the curiosity to explore new territories.

So, ask yourself: What does success mean to me? Am I pursuing success as defined by others, or am I aligning with what truly feels like success to me?

“Attitudes are the forerunners of conditions.” Eric Butterworth

To see success in our lives, we must first adopt the attitude of someone who is successful. This means believing in success regardless of current circumstances.

What does success mean to you? Are you living as the person who embodies that success now, or are you waiting for something external to change first?

If you lived as the successful person you desire to be right now, without fear and immune to criticism, what would be different? Who would you be?

With love,

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