Love Letter #149: That’s One Way to Fix It

I was reviewing module six in my metaphysical studies. It’s all about winning the game of life through metaphysical principles. This line really jumped out at me; “Life created me and Life can create for me.” I made a note below reminding myself that Life creates for me in perfection always. Sometimes, the perfection of what is created looks crappy at best. 

I had an incident like that this morning. I was driving Silver Girl and rounding a corner in the neighborhood. This neighbor’s yard at the corner has large boulders at the edge of the property and I snagged one on the side of the van. It ripped the side step off completely. Ugh…perfect…she says sarcastically.

I could tell you what a great driver I am and I haven’t had an accident in nearly 40 years. I could also blame it on the fact that the van is way bigger than my car so it’s easy to misjudge. But these patterns reek of perfectionism – me trying to justify myself to anyone. So, let’s pretend I didn’t go there. 

It certainly wasn’t what I imagined for this morning on my way to grab an iced tea and write my first article as a thought leader for the Kuel Life community – embracing the collective power of women and normalize aging. I’ll be sharing more about that later. 

I was heartsick when I realized what had happened. I’d prefer it hadn’t,  but it had.

If I’m going to live this wildly imperfect life my way I have to accept it without resistance. Not always easy, right? It took a few moments to get over the shock of what happened, and to let myself feel the old shame stories for being ‘imperfect’ and and making a mistake. 

Once I allowed for that, the next steps came easily.  

I sent a message to Brian who offered to find parts to repair the step. A step that wasn’t working properly, to begin with. As he said, “That’s one way to fix it.” True that. I can’t ignore it anymore. 

The imperfection of this situation made for, what I think, is a great first article about being wildly imperfect in Kuel Life.  

In the spirit of living a wildly imperfect life, I think I’m going to find a few ways to flaunt this experience…you might see it at The Wildly Imperfect Summer Camp too. And why not? It happened. 

I’m going to squeeze all the lemonade possible from this lemon of a morning by embracing the wildly imperfect and beautifully flawed life I’m here to live. Do you want to join me?

With Love,

join me for 10 days of embracing this wildly imperfect human life with joy, freedom, empowerment, and confidence…The Wildly Imperfect Summer Camp begins June 17th!

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