Love Letter #145: A Love Letter to Yourself

Have you ever taken the time to write a love letter to yourself?

Perhaps from your younger self or even your future self?

A letter to reflect on today or one to be opened and read a year from now?

This process is truly special.

Once, during a professional development course I attended, the instructor had us create a personal manifesto. We were to outline our future aspirations and goals. After the class ended, I stored my manifesto away and forgot about it. Six years later, I stumbled upon it and realized that everything on that list had come to fruition. Setting intentions is powerful.

One significant lesson from that experience was realizing that I didn’t have to force things to happen. By setting intentions, Life orchestrated the rest.

Today, I spent time with an inspiring group of women, and we drew cards from Tosha Silver’s Wild Offerings deck. The cards for the day were “striving” and “doubt,” both emphasizing the strength of surrendering – allowing life to unfold naturally without force. This is a lesson I often overlook.

If I were to write a love letter to myself today, I would tell myself how proud I am of her for all she has accomplished, endured, and created in this life so far. To keep dreaming, to persevere, to only take action that feels aligned with what she desires, and to relax into this life. 

I would tell myself it’s time for something fresh and different. To let go of what is no longer true for me and follow the cravings from deep within my soul. To love everything and everyone in this life, and to let everything and everyone in life love me. To open my arms and my heart to wildly receive, and to give freely as my heart desires. 

There is nothing to fear in life, except perhaps closing myself off from fully experiencing it. So the question I ask myself now is, where am I not living it fully and freely? Where am I closed off to fully experiencing life?

That’s a letter for another day. 

When I write a love letter to myself, I have the freedom to express everything I yearn to hear, articulate the desires of my soul, and visualize the future version of myself and my life. It’s a deeply empowering practice.

Have you ever taken the time to write a love letter to yourself? Whether you have or not, now could be the perfect moment to start or begin again. 

With love,

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