Love Letter #141: Life is Simple – We Complicate it!

“Embracing our human imperfections allows our Spiritual Brilliance to shine”

Elaine Blais

I’ve been reflecting on transcendence in my metaphysical studies. I appreciate the simplicity of this discipline and how it reveals our tendency to complicate life. 

Transcendence, in this philosophy, is accepting life as it is. Recognizing that all suffering comes from resisting reality. I realize I say this from a position of privilege, but I do believe in our collective power to transcend limiting beliefs. 

I once thought of transcendence as something that only enlightened people understood. Honestly, the path to transcendence is the path of surrender. When we surrender to what is, we are on the road to our highest good. What life presents us is the fertilizer for reaching for and achieving our dreams…if we’re not resisting it. 

I’ve long been inspired by Byron Katie’s work, particularly her book, “Loving What Is”. She reminds us that suffering comes when our thoughts conflict with the reality of what is. Accepting life without the desire to change it may seem foreign at first, yet it leads to profound insights. 

How we perceive life’s events stems from the rule book we’ve internalized from our upbringing, education, and societal and cultural norms. Those perceptions or thoughts are simply that – perceptions. They may seem true but they are not the truth, and they can be changed. 

Tracy Goss’s book, “The Last Word On Power”, introduces the concept of the Universal Human Paradigm, emphasizing the power of suspending judgment and meeting life as it unfolds. By releasing resistance and making choices based on what is, we tap into our true power and shape the life we desire. 

Thinking about transcendence in relation to perfectionism, I experience the struggle to break free from conditioned behaviors. As I write this, I can hear my inner critic asking if it will be good enough, and who I think I am to even write on the subject of transcendence. Isn’t that for enlightened folks?

Accepting our perceived imperfections allows for genuine self-expression, transcending the need for external validation. Letting go of self-criticism and embracing authenticity can lead to a deep sense of freedom and also a profound connection with the world around us – we no longer see ourselves as separate from anything but rather one with life as it is unfolding. 

I invite you to embrace your imperfections, no matter how small they may seem, as a step toward allowing your inner brilliance, your true nature, to shine. 

Are you ready to suspend judgment and let your Divine Light radiate? You get to decide.

With love,

Come on over to the Bright Side – embrace your wildly imperfect self! No more beating yourself up. Stop being paralyzed by perfectionism…accepting your perfectly imperfect self is the only way to peace, love, and happiness. Pitch your tent at the Wildly Imperfect Summer Camp…and shine your light!

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