Love Letter #138: Could the Dragon Love YOU?

I was reading this Martha Beck quote from her book, Finding Your Own North Star: 

“The scared, hypercritical, or condemnatory folks who undermine other people’s basic sense of self-worth aren’t living in accordance with their essential selves. If they were, it would be impossible for them not to see the beauty and promise in every other person, including you.” 

I’m still thinking about the movie Damsel on Netflix. The one I told you about yesterday – where the woman had to come to terms with her inner dragon. In the end, the dragon befriends her – and loves her. She rescued it and herself. But the dragon also rescued her…because our dragons are parts of ourselves wanting to be loved, wanting us to love ourselves unconditionally. To shed the fear of our imperfections and recognize they are our superpowers. 

Most of us are not living as our essential selves – authentically, by our true nature. We’re so busy trying to make our lives perfect, we have lost connection with ourselves and others. This applies to me as well. I have my dragons too. 

Recently, I set a dragon within myself free. It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of introspection, and conversation with someone I love. It meant allowing myself to be vulnerable, risk being awkward, and open myself up as never before. 

I realized then, and again in this movie, that the dragon and the woman shared the same pain. The dragon is there to bring my attention to the pain and a part of me that wants to be felt and healed. The only way to heal is to face the dragon, the pain within. When the dragon rears her head, she is here to wake me up to myself. 

When I face the dragon and love it, it loves me in ways that may be challenging, but not impossible and the result is always a deeper self-understanding and a greater sense of freedom and ease within myself. When I am at ease with myself anything is possible!

Okay…that’s enough dragon metaphor for one week. Whatever dragons you’re facing…see what happens when you love them, and let them love you. 

With love

Don’t let the dragons of perfectionism keep you from being the fabulously flawed sacred human you are here to be. Join me for The Wildy Imperfect Summer Camp…and embrace your uniqueness and imperfections as we journey together through self-discovery and growth. Pack your bags, leave your insecurities behind, and get ready for a transformative experience filled with laughter, learning, and love. The adventure awaits!!

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